Fitness Ablaze Training Center is Thurston County‚Äôs (located in Olympia, WA) most results driven fitness and performance facility. We have developed a successful fitness program over the years and we continue to improve it by having our team of coaches (trainers) constantly improving their craft by attending seminars, workshops, summits, and other continued education courses so we can become the best fitness professionals as possible to better serve our number one priority which is our fitness ablaze members. We are always striving to create an amazing (and unique) experience for our members by providing them with professional training programs and a positive gym environment. Our effective personalized programs can be catered to the general population, youth, elite athletes, elders, or anyone who is interested in upstarting their fitness and achieving their goals. The facility has all the necessary functional training equipment along with a positive environment to produce amazing results. The unique programs are designed to be fun, varied, challenging, and most importantly, effective.