Everyone wants “results” (at least a high percentage people) when they think about implementing a training (workout) program and/or improving their nutrition. There are a number of different common goals that people want to achieve including losing weight, gaining lean muscle, improving athletic performance, improving mobility, or they just want to be healthy and feel better about themselves. The list can go on and on but to really get the results desired one must begin their journey into the health and fitness LIFESTYLE. This process isn’t going to be a walk in the park but it will always be worth it and necessary to truly transform ones mind and body.

When most people step foot into Fitness Ablaze for the first time I can imagine that it could be a vastly different environment than what they are accustomed to. It isn’t surrounded by mirrors, tvs, treadmills, stairmasters, recumbent bikes, and other “fitness equipment” that is typically provided in the typical “big box gym” (nothing against this setup). It may be slightly intimidating and “different” for the majority of the people in the beginning, but the most important components about Fitness Ablaze are the amazing members, great coaches, and motivating atmosphere. The experience is something different but rewarding.

Our coaching methods are also most likely different than the common 45-60minute cardio days and chest/arm/leg/back days. Our coaching model here at Fitness Ablaze is programmed to be both efficient and effective. It includes a progressive program that trains the body based on “movements” as opposed to ‘muscles”. We use compound, multi directional, pain free, movements that incorporate the proper movement patterns: push, pull, rotation, hip/knee dominant, locomotion, core activation/stabilization and perform explosive activities that are geared to help people burn calories, improve metabolism, gain lean muscle, and improve movement quality.

Ok, now that I have explained a little about the health and fitness lifestyle and the philosophy of the training at Fitness Ablaze I want to go into detail about what is needed to maximize ones results when it comes to health and fitness.


  • MINDSET- this is probably the most important and often overlooked aspect of your health and fitness journey (or any journey). If you want to achieve amazing results you will have to have to get your mind right. You must be mentally be prepared to commit and be consistent with the health and fitness LIFESTYLE. Understand there is going to be struggles/challenges/obstacles that you will have to overcome in order to be successful. You have to have goals and figure out really WHY you want to achieve those goals. This is why if you are feeling “stuck” it may be a great investment to find a coach (trainer) to guide you from where you are at now to where you want to be.
  • NUTRITION- The phrase “You can’t out train a bad diet” is not a false statement. If you truly want to transform physically then you will have to take a look at what is fueling your body. Your nutrition will directly affect your training performance, energy during daily activities, and how you look.


Optimal nutrition isn’t as complicated as most people think. The difficult part is being honest with yourself and staying consistent (mindset). Below are a few tips for nutrition:

1). Learn more about the basic macronutrients including protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

2). Learn how to read food labels to understand serving sizes, calories, etc.

3). In general try and stick with whole clean foods such as lean proteins, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, avocados, olive/coconut oil, yams, sweet potatoes, etc.

4). To begin with simply evaluate what you are currently consuming on a daily basis and slowly cut out bad habits each week/month and you will notice an improvement. Don’t overdue it and go on some crazy fad diet.

5). Hydrate yourself with WATER or tea! The sodas, fruit juices. and such all have crazy amounts of pointless calories and sugars.

6). Be consistent but allow yourself some cheat/treat meals. You should aim be 85-90% compliant with your food choices while allowing yourself some room to have cheat/treat meals.

7). Figure out a nutrition lifestyle that works best for you and that you can live with on a day-to-day basis. This is another reason why I strongly disagree with fad diets, cleanses, etc because they are not geared for long term (lifestyle) changes but rather quick fixes that are not likely to be continued after the “diet” or “cleanse” is over.


TRAINING- I am sure everyone knows by now that if we are sedentary we will likely gain weight, gain fat, decrease movement quality, decrease metabolism, and negatively affect our overall health. This is where exercise and a proper training program come into play.

Here at Fitness Ablaze we provide our members with a results based program for all fitness levels. Whether it is semi-private personal training, small group personal training, team training (TFW Hurricanes,bootcamp, or any other group metabolic conditioning ), we program it based on our member’s health and fitness goals. We pride ourselves on over delivering to our Fitness Ablaze FamilyJ

The training is by no means easy. It is challenging but in a progressive manner. We use equipment such as your own body, suspension trainers (TRX), dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbells, sandbags, valslides, Olympic weights, bands, ropes, etc. We program in a way to keep it challenging with different variations while at the same time keeping it fun and interesting. The world class coaching coupled with sound nutrition principles will only lead to a leaner, stronger, more energized version of YOU!

The process to achieve amazing results in regards to fitness and health may sound simple but it isn’t always easy. It will take work. I personally believe every individual has the ability to take action and exceed their expectations. It just takes a little support and for them to ultimately BELIEVE in themselves.

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