We Are Motivated To Help Train You

Fitness Ablaze Training Center is Thurston County’s (located in Olympia, WA) most results driven fitness and performance facility. We have developed a successful fitness program over the years and we continue to improve it by having our team of coaches (trainers) constantly improving their craft by attending seminars, workshops, summits, and other continued education courses so we can become the best fitness professionals as possible to better serve our number one priority which is our fitness ablaze members. We are always striving to create an amazing (and unique) experience for our members by providing them with professional training programs and a positive gym environment. Our effective personalized programs can be catered to the general population, youth, elite athletes, elders, or anyone who is interested in upstarting their fitness and achieving their goals. The facility has all the necessary functional training equipment along with a positive environment to produce amazing results. The unique programs are designed to be fun, varied, challenging, and most importantly, effective.

Although we specialize in improving the way our members look and feel by reducing body fat, gaining lean muscle, and improving overall performance we like to also be MORE than your typical “personal trainer”. We want to change our members (fitness family) lives through fitness. We want to motivate and inspire them to not only work hard in our gym but also carry over their newfound improved work ethic and self-esteem into their daily lives. Our purpose is to inspire our fitness family to be apart of the fitness lifestyle. We understand we can’t reach as many people as we would like to but our goal is to inspire our members enough so they can inspire their friends, family, and peers to adopt the fitness lifestyle and eventually it will become a domino effect which will result in a healthier happier society.


Andrew Tinaza (known by the nickname: Bo) is the owner of Fitness Ablaze Training Center located in Olympia, WA. His unique and effective training and coaching strategies have quickly established him as an elite fitness expert. He demonstrates a lot of passion for health and fitness, which has influenced many people throughout his area.

His methods include a mixture of power training, strength training, functional training and conditioning. Bo specializes in providing effective and efficient training to a large demographic of people ranging from younger child/teens to the general adult population to the elite athlete to the elderly. He believes everyone has the ability to improve their fitness levels and achieve their individual goals, which will only enhance the overall quality of their lives.

Bo received a degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Science) from Western Washington University. He currently is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Training For Warriors Certified and his gym, Fitness Ablaze Training Center is also currently a Training For Warriors Affiliate. He was recently selected as one of Americas Premier Experts and will help co-author along side some of the worlds top fitness professionals the anticipated book “Rapid Body Makeover”. He is a strong believer in continuing education and improvement.

Bo is constantly surrounding himself with other elite fitness professionals while attending many seminars, workshops, and other events to further enhance his craft. He believes as a fitness professional he should always strive to become better so he can have the ability to reach out to more people and help influence more people through health and fitness.