When I look back to when I first began my journey as a fitness trainer/coach I realize how much I had “tunnel vision”. I was extremely passionate about fitness training and nutrition. I wanted to be the best of the best. I wanted to help as many people experience how the fitness lifestyle could change their lives. I invested time and money so I could attend seminars, workshops, summits, masterminds, and networked with some of the best in the fitness and nutrition industry. Did I become a better coach? Did I become more educated with training and nutrition? Was it worth it? Of course I advanced as a fitness trainer and wouldn’t change a thing (I still invest time and money in the same things). I am confident I am capable of designing a fitness program for a large demographic of individuals and provide them with the necessary nutrition coaching to guide them towards achieving their goals. But I believe there is something that is just as important if not more important that needs to be addressed when you are chosen to guide someone through his or her fitness journey.

You can have it all

Lets face it our society is chaotic. The majority of us feel overwhelmed with life in general. We feel there is not enough time in the day to take care of everything needed. We sometimes don’t take care of ourselves, sometimes neglect our loved ones, and sometimes neglect our careers.

I believe this is a big reason why we sometimes don’t achieve our goals even though we are fully capable. We are out of balance in the key areas of our lives. The core 4 areas of our lives should include the body (fitness/nutrition), being (spiritual/purpose/Self view), balance (relationships), and business/careers. We tend to focus on one or two areas and neglect the others.

Core 4

  • Body: Fitness, Nutrition, and Health
  • Being: Spiritual, purpose, self reflection/focus
  • Balance: Relationships (significant other, family, friends..)
  • Business/Career: business and/or career fulfillment and performance

Imagine if you focused time and energy on all areas of your life. The amount of power you would feel over your own life would be undeniable. You would begin to understand what is important, have more clarity, know your purpose, and increase your level of true happiness.

I believe this is huge for people who are aiming to improve their health and fitness. If an individual is out of balance it will be tough to reach their true potential. For example, if our careers are taking over our lives it can cause us to neglect our fitness/nutrition needs, cause us to neglect our relationships, cause us to neglect our own happiness. The first step is taking action and admitted what areas you are neglecting. The next step would be to have a simple system in order to begin to take control of all core 4 areas and give your all to each on of them.

Have it all

It is simple but not easy. The problem is people either don’t believe they need help from others or don’t believe that they can change. I am a huge advocate of the power of accountability, association, and access.

  • Accountability– having someone who cares and pushes you to achieve your goals
  • Association– surrounding yourself with like minded people who are looking to achieve similar things
  • Access: Having expert advice or guidance to provide you with the tools necessary to get you where you need to be.

Surround yourself

The idea of empowering people through fitness and health is awesome and it definitely works. But we will have a tough time reaching our true potential without addressing other areas of our lives that also need improvement. Once we are able to take control of the 4 areas of our life we will find balance and feel power over our own lives. We will have it all.

Be on the lookout for our next seminar at fitness ablaze that will go over core 4 and the systems we will put into place:)